Framework for a Successful Landing Page

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Once a website is developed, your entire goal is to drive traffic to your website and for that you are spending enough time and money to get leads, right? However, something is just not working for you and you are unable to drive traffic and leads besides the fact that your website has to offer some awesome stuff. Instead of letting you drain out by figuring out what is wrong, I will let you know; the issue is with your conversion rate i.e., it is low.

If your visitors are confused about your website and they are unable to figure out important stuff such as, how to buy products and what your company is all about, you are definitely doing something wrong and that is not having a landing page.

Landing Page

Before we go any further about the importance of a landing page, it is important for you to understand what a landing page exactly is. A landing page is basically a page which will highlight the most important item of your website and it could be anything. If your website sells stuff, a landing page will either highlight the products or the payment method. Majorly, a landing page is meant convert your website viewers into permanent customers. Now that we have understood the basic functionality of a landing page, let’s see how to create a successful landing page.

Goals to achieve through landing page:

Let us take a look at few of the main goals of a landing page.

Allows instant registration on websites regarding salesMakes the communication easier and effective between the client and webmasterInstant answers regarding the most important feature of a websiteEnhances the brand assessment

Types of Landing Page

Depending on the kind of website, brand and campaign you are running, you will have to select between the most suitable types of a landing page. The most common kind is a landing page which is a part of site’s structure and helps in enhancing the important features and explains navigation. The second kind is a landing page made especially for a certain campaign. The third type is known to be a tabbed landing page which will provide added/further information.

Focus on a single item

Like always, you need to have a plan before starting anything. Before you jump into the procedure of creating a landing page, you must be sure of the item you need it for. As mentioned earlier, a landing page will highlight and focus on only one item. The heading of the page should say it all without leaving any room for confusion. If there are multiple focal points, then you need more than one landing pages.


Jot down the important points you need to highlight regard that single item and then move on to writing text. Make sure that you stick to the point and the page’s headline should be simple and direct enough for the visitor to understand the purpose. If your visitor understood the reason of that landing page in first few seconds, you have successfully made a good landing page.

Make way for Simplicity

You do not have to go overboard with things so while making landing page, be sure to stay simple, precise and to the point. Do not bore visitor with the long paragraphs as nobody has the time to read them. Long paragraphs mean you are scaring your visitor away. Begin with writing whatever you want to say and then comes your transcribing skills. Eliminate the unnecessary stuff and only keep the important and way too necessary information.

Apart from the text, proper formatting is also very important. You should format your content in a way that your reader is able to scan it easily. This will serve your purpose of having a landing page.

Develop a relationship of trust

In today’s world, no one is convinced with words only. If you want to win the trust of your visitors, show them your happy customers by publishing testimonials. Testimonials from real people will play an important role in convincing your potential customer to work with you.

Call to action

If you want results you need to work very hard on CTA i.e., call to action feature. Your correct decision regarding call to action will help you a lot in producing quality and desirable results. Everything else on the page should be supporting this one feature so that your viewer knows what to do. If a visitor ends up being confused on your landing page, all your effort goes down the drain.

It is entirely up to you to decide what you CTA is going to be. However, whatever you choose i.e., a form, payment method; it should not be confusing for the visitor. Keep everything simple and precise. Instructions on your landing page should be way too clear and on clicking a button, user should know exactly where it will navigate. If a user is figuring stuff on his own you have failed in creating a good landing page.

Layout and Design

Yes, your landing page should look attractive but like I always say, you do not have to overdo things. Be creative but as mentioned above, try to keep things as simple as possible and only use important things to doll up your website’s landing page. If you are using graphical images, try to use images which are a representation of your product. If you can, use real images so that people can relate to it. Keep one thing in mind i.e., do not use videos, images, flash and everything else on a single page. Decide which medium will serve your purpose and then go for it.


When you are sure of the objects to use on the landing page, you need to work hard on the proper positioning of these objects so that there is no room for confusion. Important stuff as heading and CTA should be placed on the top of the page. Use scroll bar only if important content is available at the end or else avoid it.

Deciding between two, via testing

You should always have options and alternates for things on landing page. Even a slight change in headings can increase your conversion rate so make sure you test 2-3 headings for every point. While testing be sure to check and keep a record so that you know what works best for your landing page.

Examples of perfect landing pages

Windows iTunes

Direct TV

Johnson and Johnson

StarBucks Coffee Gear

Ovi Store


You will not find a shortcut for creating a very nice landing page and in my opinion, personal efforts will result into a very good landing page so do not look templates. A landing page should be according to your business and products. You can even get inspiration from the best landing pages available over the internet. Just do a good research regarding landing page and you will get all the necessary help. Best of luck!



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