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Mark: Pricing your creative services fairly and accurately is a tough task.


If you’re freelancing you can under price and be smothered with work that’s not profitable or you can over price and be listening to crickets while your telephone gathers dust. As an agency, a few bad pricing mistakes and you’ll find yourself selling your Herman Miller chair to cover a small part of the power bill.


There are so many fixed and variable factors involved in pricing a project and each project is different. Professional creative services is not a ‘one price fits all’ proposition.


Recently I found a great [FREE] iPhone app that helps simplify the pricing process. It takes into consideration various ‘constants” like your location, skill level and work experience, then it asks you pertinent questions (variables) about the project you are pricing.


The results help you determine your base hourly or project rate and gives you a really good price range for which to base your proposal.


It’s a much better way to consistently and professionally price your services rather than just pulling a number out of your nose.


Are you a web or graphic designer? Calculate how much you can charge for your creative services taking under account factors like the project, client, location, as well as your education and experience.

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