The Tin Can API – SCORM could do more.

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Uploaded by RusticiSoftware on Sep 14, 2011
Learn more about the Tin Can API at . SCORM is over 10 years old. ADL (the keepers of SCORM) asked us to research what the next-generation e-learning specification could/should look like.


We’ve been gathering information from the entire e-learning community about what you’d like to see in the next specification. Many of you already know about this, and many of you have participated. We have our solution — it’s the Tin Can API.


The Tin Can API solves a lot of problems that older specifications suffered from, but it also adds new capabilities, new business cases, and new ways of handling content. The Tin Can API fuses a decade of collective e-learning experiences with a decade of technological advances.

Learn more at
License:Standard YouTube License


How to we establish a learning trail across the Internet?

Will TinCan allow us to share acomplishments perfomed inside and outside of traditional CMS?

~ Dennis

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